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High-classacoustic panels are a popular and effective way to guarantee the comfort of working or simply staying in noisy rooms. These inconspicuous elements, which at first glance look like ornaments, actually absorb sounds. They can be placed not only on walls or ceilings, but also anywhere in the room, for example to separate workstations. As an experienced manufacturer of acoustic panels, we know that each company has different needs in this area.

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Lightweight and practical acoustic panels

The structure of our acoustic panels is rigid, and thus durable and stable, thanks to the use of a light steel frame. Due to their low weight, handling and assembly of the panels is not a problem. A high-quality acoustic insert (class A, C or D, depending on preferences) is placed in the frame, ensuring an optimal range of sound absorption.

The whole thing is covered with a visually attractive, precisely sewn cover. It can be made in any textile upholstery – there are many options, both in terms of material and color. This allows you to easily match the final effect to the interior of the room. The high quality of the material (depending on the selected option, including resistance to abrasion, pilling or washing) guarantees long-term durability.

Acoustic panels as an office décor

Acoustic panelsplay an important practical role, but at the same time they can become a significant part of the design of an office, conference room or any other space. They add an aura of professionalism to the office, and at the same time they can infuse it with a vibrant color scheme.

The slightly rounded corners make the panels look even more elegant and interesting. You can use a single panel, but you can also group many elements of the same or different color (for example, making them a kind of interior wall) to get the desired result.

All-purpose acoustic panels

We are a manufacturer of acoustic panels for various applications – we make sure to respond to the needs of as many companies as possible. We offer solutions for ceiling suspension, wall mounting and even movable panels on wheels.

The latter is particularly useful in offices using the open space concept, where employees frequently change workstations, work in groups and more. The panels on wheels can be easily moved to another location, thereby providing noise isolation where it is needed at any given time.

Regardless of the form of installation,acoustic panels are available in a variety of sizes, from small to very large. Small panels can prove useful in offices where little space is available between workstations. In such a situation, for example, the panels can be attached directly to the desk, thus providing employees with greater privacy and comfort while saving space.

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