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Office armchairs are elements of design which must not only look great but also be comfortable, even if used long and intensively. Our offer includes modern armchairs that meet both requirements. They have been designed to make life as easy as possible for office workers, spare them unnecessary pain and ensure full productivity.

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An office chair with an orange seat facing a white desk

A manufacturer of office armchairs for every occasion

The multitude of available armchair models makes it possible to find the ideal product for any occasion. Individual models differ in terms of the height of the backrest, the presence of a separate headrest, the materials used and the mechanisms available.

As a manufacturer of office armchairs, we care about the high quality of materials used, modern construction solutions and attractive design. Our armchairs are not only comfortable, but also look great in an office, regardless of the industry. They perfectly combine classics with innovative solutions, thanks to which they stand out with their timeless style.

The multiple color options for upholstery and stitching make it possible to match the armchairs even better with the office space and ensure that all the elements of the décor match perfectly. This way every company will be able to achieve a professional effect that makes work more pleasant and also makes a good impression on clients and contractors visiting the office.

Upholstered and mesh office chairs

Both office armchairs with a back made of airy mesh and upholstered ones are very popular in Polish offices. We want to meet the expectations of all our clients, therefore, we manufacture both types of office armchairs.

In our design, both upholstered and mesh armchairs are characterized by high thermal comfort. As a result, long hours of working at a desk in the hot summer months will not be associated with additional discomfort.

Both types of armchairs can be equipped with numerous adjustment functions, such as adjusting the depth of the seat and lumbar support, as well as the height of the backrest.

An office with a wooden floor with white Skill office armchairs next to white desks, Stage 1
A metal office armchair with a seat standing at a white desk against which two white chairs are standing

Ergonomic office chairs

A good office chair manufacturer must respond effectively to customer needs. We listen to the problems of office workers and work to solve them, which is why our armchairs have numerous ergonomic features.

An ergonomic armchair is one whose design focuses on adapting the shape of the product to the human body. One of the most characteristic ergonomic solutions is to bend the backrest of the chair in the way the spine is bent.

Office chairs are therefore much more complex design elements than you might think at first glance. Our products provide support for both the back and the neck so that long hours of working in front of the computer needn’t be associated with pain and discomfort. They allow you to sit actively, so you can maintain proper, healthy posture without feeling tired.

An office with a wooden desk next to an office chair
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