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Cloakroom hangers - manufacturer of cloakroom sets

Cloakrooms are extremely useful (and even necessary) rooms, found, among others, in various types of educational institutions and offices. They are especially useful in winter, although they can be successfully used all year round. Cloakroom hangers, which are an important part of them, do not take up much space, and allow you to easily store a large number of jackets, hats or scarves in one room, without folding them. Our offer includes different models, suitable for use in any circumstances.

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Cloakroom hangers with customizable hangers

Depending on the intensity of use, as well as the place where thecloakroom hangers will be placed (they can be easily moved to another place if necessary), the needs of users may change. That is why we also offer models that allow you to adjust the number and position of the hangers.

The user can at any time add pendants or rearrange them so that they face the direction of interest, appropriate for the place where the hanger is placed. This way, it is possible to quickly and easily ensure the appropriate capacity of the hangers, as well as a high comfort of using them. Modifying the position of the tags is instant and hassle-free – everyone can handle it without a doubt.

Timeless cloakroom hangers for school or office

We are amanufacturer of cloakroom hangers designed for universal applications. They can be used, for example, in schools – due to the large number of hangers with a compact size. They are perfect when you need to store many pieces of outerwear in a small space.

Elegant models will enrich the decor of the office, reception or waiting room, regardless of the style in which the room is decorated. Cloakroom hangers are primarily useful, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be pleasing to the eye at the same time – quite the opposite.

We focus on timeless design and solid, proven construction solutions, which translate into long life and durability of the offered products. We combine functionality with aesthetic qualities, to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Cloakroom hangers combined with benches

Being able to hang a jacket on a hanger is one thing, but the needs of cloakroom users are often much more extensive. That’s why, as a manufacturer of cloakroom hangers, we offer solutions that can be easily integrated with other useful modules. A convenient checkroom set includes both hangers and benches.

They allow you to put away your personal belongings, more easily put on or take off your shoes, take a moment to rest, and more. The two elements are connected to each other for greater stability, as well as a better visual effect. They allow you to completely furnish your locker room, without having to look for separate solutions that might not fit together.

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