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Folding tablesare tables equipped with special mechanisms that allow their tops to be turned upright (and then immediately restored to their original form). As a result, they take up much less space and, if necessary, you can place them along the walls to leave free space in the center of the room. As a manufacturer of folding tables, our offer includes only products based on modern solutions and mechanisms that best meet the needs of users.

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Folding tables for conference rooms and offices

The ability to quickly and efficiently rearrange a room is a key issue in all kinds of conference rooms and office spaces (and not only – it is especially important, among others, in hotels).

Sometimes a situation may arise where a large amount of free space is needed in the middle of the room (for example, when celebrating a success or demonstrating the use of a product). In such a case, folding tables, which will not need to be disassembled, but simply use the built-in mechanism, will be at a premium.

In a large office, there may be several or even a dozen tables – stacking them on top of each other or disassembling them would be a time-consuming and inconvenient option. Therefore, it is best to choose a solution that will allow you to save time and, if necessary, quickly change the arrangement of the space.

As amanufacturer of the highest quality folding tables, we care for the maximum comfort of users. The semi-automatic folding mechanisms we apply are not only simple and quick to use, but also do not require a lot of physical effort.

Multiple configurations of folding tables

Individual companies may have different needs and preferences when it comes to folding tables. The large number of available configurations of our products ensures that they can be used in almost any case. Not only do we offer many color versions of the tables (light, dark and numerous shades in between), but we also create modules in a variety of shapes – rectangular and semicircular.

The ability to choose from a number of variations in the length and width of the tabletop allows you to tailor the final product to the needs of your business, as well as the space you have, so that the chosen table will easily fit into it.

Folding tables made of steel profiles

Our tables are solid products that will serve the company for a long time, and are distinguished by elegance and timelessness. The use of steel profiles for the production of folding tables positively affects the strength of the entire structure (regarding both the passage of time and heavy loads).

Ending the table’s legs with plastic glides protects the floor from damage. For even easier transport, in addition to traditional tables, we also offer tables finished with wheels, ideal for companies where there is often a need to change workstations and collaborate in multi-person groups.

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