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Offices, whether traditional or home offices, are places where it is impossible to avoid many different types of cables. Computers, printers, monitors and other devices need them, foremost, to draw power, but also to connect to each other. Cable trays come to the rescue in such situations and allow to effectively organize even the most complex configurations.

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Vertical and horizontal cable trays

As a cable trays manufacturer with many years of experience, we know that tangled, disorganized wiring is a nuisance, but there is a simple solution.

Thanks to high-quality channels, designed based on the real needs of office workers, all cables can be quickly and efficiently hidden under the tabletop. This way, cables do not get tangled under feet and there is no risk of them being accidentally stepped on or excessively bent.

Our trays allow for both vertical and horizontal cable routing, so you can get the best possible cable arrangement. Both in terms of space and aesthetics.

Durable cable trays for years to come

A well-thought-out design, the use of high-quality materials and precise workmanship ensure the longevity of our products. We are a manufacturer of cable trays, who puts an emphasis on customer satisfaction, thus also on the durability of offered solutions. Properly installed trays system will serve in the office for a long time without any problems.

We make our cable trays in a variety of colors, both light and dark, making it easy to match the duct with the rest of your office décor. Thanks to that the trays perfectly fit into the arrangement and are not an unpleasant necessity, but an elegant addition, which can be aesthetically pleasing.

A visually appealing, orderly office is better to work in, and it is also more inviting to potential and existing clients and customers. Therefore, cable trays are very universal products, which are useful in almost every industry. From call centers, to software houses, i.e. everywhere, where huge amounts of various cables are usually tangled around desks.

Accessories for cable trays

We are not only a manufacturer of high-end cable trays, but also of cable trays accessories to help you achieve even better results.

The multitude of accessories available to choose from allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing, orderly cable layout regardless of the number or size of cables. Our accessories make it possible not only to lay cables along the countertop, but also to lower them without creating unnecessary chaos and tangles of individual cables.

In this way, you can easily connect the wires to the socket or strip, without the unattractive effect of cables hanging inertly from the table-top. This is a perfect solution especially for modern, spacious offices, where minimalism and order reign.

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