Metal office armchair with a seat standing next to a white desk on the desk, in the background you can see a bookcase

B600 metal table legs

Choosing the perfect office equipment is not always an easy task. The answer to this problem is B600 metal table legs, which can be adapted to the needs of given office space. They allow for trouble-free expansion in such a way as to enable the perfect adjustment of the size of the desk to the preferences of the user. A significant advantage of the B600 metal table legs is also their extremely high durability. It results from the use of the intra-profile welding technique. This method of joining the individual components of the metal legs results in an excellent appearance and attention to even the smallest detail of the design.

Black metal legs for the table B600 B-Group
Concrete room with B600 series table legs visualization

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Metal colors

First price group

Color samples should be considered as demonstrative only. The perception of colors depends on the type of monitor and its settings. In addition, color perception depends on lighting conditions, gloss, etc.

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Metal graphite RAL7012 B-Group
Graphite RAL7012
Metal white RAL9003 B-Group
White RAL9003
Black metal RAL9005 B-Group
Black RAL9005
Metal Aluminum gray RAL 9006 B-Group
Aluminum RAL9006
Metal chrome B-Group


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