Dark room with B50 series table legs visualization

Bases for tables - manufacturer of column bases

Bases for tablesare an indispensable element in the process of arranging or renovating an office, as well as conference rooms, workstations, waiting rooms, service premises and more. The selection of appropriate models will ensure their long-term durability and high stability, so it is worth going for the highest quality proposals. As a manufacturer of table bases, whose products have already supplied many Polish companies, we always put customer satisfaction first. That is why we make our bases according to well-thought-out projects, created with maximum usability in mind.

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Table bases made of high-quality materials

We are amanufacturer of table bases who cares for the highest quality of our products. We create bases only from carefully selected materials that ensure full stability of the structure and its durability. High-class bases are an investment for many years, which will often prove to be invaluable.

How do we ensure the durability of our products? Among other things, we prepare the base plates, the key part of them, from solid sheet metal. Thus, there is no risk that they will spontaneously bend or be easily damaged. In turn, the use of laser-cutting technology to finish the whole thing guarantees great precision and, consequently, no imperfections.

Column table base with level adjustment

Equipping each base with special level regulators means that adapting them to the circumstances is not a problem. They play a dual role. In addition to the title function, they also provide the floor with protection against scratches.

Thanks to this, the bases for our tables can be used freely in any room, without fear that the surface will be damaged.

Dark room with B50 series table legs visualization
Room with black stands for B10 B-Group tables

Table bases - rectangular, round and others

The shape of atable base is important in terms of matching it with the rest of the room’s arrangement and your own taste. Moreover, in the case of a small amount of available space, the type of base will affect where it can be placed.

Our offer includes bases with a more traditional shape, i.e. square, round or hexagonal, as well as less common ones (e.g. resembling a triangle with rounded sides). The possibilities are therefore very diverse and regardless of the style in which the office, conference room or other room is to be arranged, it will certainly be possible to match one of the variants.

A classic square base, or a minimalist yet modern hexagon? Regardless of the choice you make, the final result is sure to dazzle with high quality and precision workmanship.

Table basesare available not only in a variety of shapes, but also in colors, ranging from light to very dark. Thus, you can even more effectively match them to the arrangement and ensure that the entire furnishings of the room fit together perfectly.

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